英语英文讨论帖15-那些年学英文你踩过的坑/对英文的“误会”What would you ask people to avoid while learning English?

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There are many misconceptions (误解)about learning English, such as [I can't speak English until I can speak perfectly.]

Do you have such misconceptions when learning English?

How did you find out it was wrong and improve yourself?

Share your stories to us and let's break the rumours!

10 个月前chaizi

I used to believe that one could only learn better English by understanding every single rule written in grammatical guidelines, say when to add an s after a noun. It seemed safer, meaning you wouldn't have made big mistakes if you paid enough attention at the very start. So I struggled in reading and comprehending those complicated rules which were not always true.
When I first saw waters/coffees/gasses, I was like,


Since then, I've decided only to remember those basic rules for writing and speaking and to "make mistakes" as many as I could. All of a sudden, English becomes much fun.

My comment is a bit too long. Sorry about that but couldn't help it ;P

10 个月前沈东生(Rick)

I had been a major misconception of learning English by the end of last year.
I used to believe that foreign people can't understand what I'm saying if I have bad pronunciation.
But I've found it's a myth after I really talked to them face to face. They are really good at error correction and get what you really mean, even you say merely a word.
The only important thing is to overcome fear and speak with foreign people as much as possible, and it's a fast way to improve your oral English skill.

10 个月前chaizi

You've mentioned a very common misconception. People get confused by the difference between wrong pronunciation and accent, and to be honest, most of their worries are about "accent". 但是口音其实是完全没问题的,而影响交流的错误发音才可能造成误会[比如重音之类]。
You had "been" a major misconception? I highly doubt that ;P How can you become a misconception? Just kidding. You were trying to say "I had" I suppose...
They are really good at error correction and get [(be good at) getting]what you really mean

10 个月前沈东生(Rick)

I had hold a major misconception of learning English by the end of last year.

It's a stupid mistake.

10 个月前谷雨

English is a communication tool. I clearly remember that my high school English teacher encouraged us to read diverse English journals and to make various presentations instead of making English examination papers. Her students did the less examination paper, got better score. By the way, she is the academic leader of English in the grade, therefore she can did it in this way.

If we keep learning and using English in a fun way, we will get payback someday soon!