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Remote Anti Coronavirus | 2020 Overseas IT Partners Help Campaign
In the past year of 2019,
the Chinese IT industry has already been sufferring from depression.
On top of that, now comes the coronavirus outbreak.
A growing number of people in the IT industry are faced with job loss and unemployment stress.
How can we help them? Let's start by connecting them with more job opportunities:
  • Find and post remote job openings from overseas websites
  • Explore potential remote working job opportunities around us
  • Contribute

    About this Campaign?

    The idea came from a 2am conversation, between me and @char from our community, who is a Chinese software engineer in Canada. Both of us were very worried about the virus outbreak getting uncontrollable. And many of his Chinese friends felt the same too. So we were thinking, besides donating masks and money, what else can we do to help our peers in the long run, especially given the fact that we also work in this industry? And then we came up with the idea for this campaign.

    What's more valuable?

    Instead of simply providing our peers with links to job-hunting websites, we can filter the jobs to meet their current situation, such as remote working position, contract based projects, part-time jobs, and etc.

    You can also take the opportunity to make an impact on the companies and organizations around you, to let them know the advantages of hiring engineers from China, and thus provide more remote opportunities -- that's the core value of this campaign.

    What else we are planning?

    Except for the remote fight and ongoing job posting, we are also going to partner with other organizations to make this campaign more impactful, such as:

    • Help our peers with resumes and cover letters
    • Provide interview training and mock interviews
    • Explore opportunities for them to practice English in real working environment
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