英语the way to improve speaking English

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As the last item of "网站潜规则": "作为练习,更鼓励大家多用英文发帖或评论", so interesting. I've reading lots of tech books/articles in English, and in favor of listening songs in English, but write&speak little.

I am considering some plans, more suggests are welcome:

  • Write tech blogs in English
  • Speak English with some pupils (my niece for example)leaning English too
  • Join in tech community like stackoverflow(ask & answer)/github, focus on tech not scocial media,
2 个月前雨程

pupils = = where to find pupils

Anyone you are familiar with, usually you have some relative, right? try to teach him/her something you are good at, in English

1 个月前Simon Liang

Best way to do it alone, is to read along with the materials, and try to get the tones and accent. Really try to follow as closely as possible.

There are materials on YouTube you can find to correct pronunciation, once you learn them, practice with other videos you are interested in. Listen to a sentence, pause, read it yourself, rinse and repeat.

Lastly, a few people online does spoken English courses, I think 马思瑞‘s is decent, you can try to watch his videos first, then decide if you want to take his classes.

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I can not agree with it anymore.

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u can create a wechat group