英语英语日记 07-06

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Today I ate dumpling at afternoon, because I haven't eat dumpling for some time .The stuffing is my favorite .It is fennel and park meat filled for dumpling. I go to the discount store after the meal . I don't want buy something originally ,but my favorite drinks is on sale , so I buy a milk tea . I know it included coffee. Something is coming.

Maybe it unduly delicious , so I drink it fast , but after I drink it a mement, my heart beat more and more quickly and I have the trots not only once, so I try to stop it , because it really make me can't work normally. I try to drink some water,and ate some fried rice .Neither are (not) effect. I haven't other method .

so only keep it, find and do something ,try to forget it .however I get off work, The rock fall down in my heart.I get off work and carry my bag and ride a shared bike, and I am very happy. I meet a girl in the cross.She is very 奇怪[orz]. She carry a very big butterfly ties and drive a skating ban , I am not understand why she carry a butterfly ties, when I see carefully ,I know she carry a big bag like a big butterfly ties. I am not understand,why she carry a like butterfly ties bag ? I think a little moment , finally I get it, maybe the bag can hide her fat.

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I had dumplings this afternoon because it had been a long time since I last had it. The dumplings were my favorite fennel and meat filled kind. After dinner I went around to the discount store, I didn't have anything specific to buy but my favorite drink was on sale so I got a cup of milk tea. I knew it included caffeine, and then something interesting happened.

I drank that milk tea quickly because it was so good, but my heart was beating faster and faster as I finished it. I tried to stop this because it has made me unable to function properly. I tried drinking some water and eating some fried rice, but nothing worked.

I had no choice but to keep it that way, find something else to do and try to forget about the uncomfortable feeling. I was having fun after work with my bag on my back and riding a shared bike. Then I saw there's a girl at the intersection. She looked a little strange because she was carrying a big butterfly tie and driving a scooter. The big tie made me confused and when I looked closer, I found that she was carrying a big bag that looked like a butterfly tie. I couldn't get why she was carrying a bag like that. But after thinking for a while, I finally understood that maybe this bag could hide her fat.

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[捂脸] 就是小朋友写作文嘛!毕业以后,英语就没怎么用过,忘得一塌糊涂,小时候学汉语就是写日记,像流水账,行文中夹杂着错字,错词,错误用法,甚至也掺杂着拼音,我们还是过来了。whatever I will stady hard !

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study hard?练习也要讲究方法和效率吧。。。感觉你这样只是在重复错误,得不到很好的提高。

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英文跟中文的不同之处是,中文是表意的:你看到一个字,就知道它的意思;而英文是表音的:你读出一个词,就能大概知道它的意思,比如 like -> likely (大部分是这样,但也有例外,比如一些拉丁语、古罗马语等语言的外来词)