人才库【全职远程】年薪90W-100W/Engineering Manager/自动化招聘领域/base上海优先



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英语沟通顺畅,base 上海最佳,其次江浙,可以每周来上海office 一到两天

Company Introduction

Our SaaS technology addresses the top pain point of the local businesses around you: hiring, managing, and retaining qualified workers. We enable these local businesses to hire faster with texting / SMS, cutting in half the time to engage, hire, and onboard hourly workers. We are a silicon valley tech company with a focus on helping deskless workers and their employers. The 2.7 billion hourly/deskless workers are 80% of the global workforce but have been heavily underserved by technology compared to the other 20% of in-office knowledge workers.

Our customers include leading brands from multiple sectors, including McDonald's, Burger King, Jamba Juice, 7-Eleven, Uber, FedEx, etc. At series B, we are quickly expanding our product portfolio. We are backed by legendary VC's and industry’s experts, including Founders Fund, BOND, and Coatue.

As the EM for technical infrastructure, you will lead a team to architect and operate reliable and secure software systems at scale in the cloud. This role will report directly to the Head of Software Engineering.

我们同时也在招聘: 前端开发工程师

Day in the Life

● [Impact] Design, operate, and improve the technical infrastructure of the entire company, including external dependencies (AWS, Twillio, ADP gateway, etc) and internal shared services (feature flags, A/B testing framework, etc)

● [Impact] Review and design architectures to help application engineering teams to build simple, secure, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective distributed systems, using cloud technologies with AWS AND SaaS APIs.

● [Impact] Investigate and monitor performance and problems on systems using DataDog and Sentry.

● [Leadership] Design, champion, and implement best practices to achieve SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) operational excellence across all engineering teams.

● [Leadership] Develop and implement security best practices across all layers of the systems (data, networking, auth, application).

● [Leadership] Design and implement DevOps tools and processes to empower all engineering (CI/CD, high-parallel e2e testing infra, code analyzer, dev environment for load testing and sandbox, mobile labs).

● [Team development] build, hire, manage, and coach your team, logically consisting of DevOps, SREs, security engineers, system architects, software engineers, and platform engineers across China and Silicon Valley Time Zones.

● [Team development] Be a cultural champion for our values.

Who You Are

● [technical] You have extensive infrastructure experience in cloud-native technologies and have led organizations that have built and operated platforms to up level the lives of engineers. You are conversant in microservice architectures.

● [technical] A strong understanding of system design and system operations. Apt at building processes and mechanisms to enforce best practices.

● [team development] Proven experience as a technical leader and engineering manager, as the leader of an engineering organization driving significant impact. You understand how to lead and inspire through others.

● [team development] You have experience mentoring and supporting peers and engineering teams, fostering quality engineering practices.

● [direction setting] Possess a deep understanding of how to translate product and business goals into tech strategies.

● [direction setting] Extensive software engineering experience in an agile environment.

● [credentials] In the past, you have solved similar problems affecting the larger company engineering organization and your own team.

● [culture] Passionate about developing platforms that are used by thousands of engineers and products for hundreds of millions of consumers.

● [culture] Possess a strong interest in keeping up with current best practices in cloud-native technologies.

● Our working language is English.

Where you'll be

● Minimum: China mainland with easy travel to Shanghai.

● Preferred: Shanghai. We have an office and a corporate entity in Shanghai.

● Our engineering team operates in both the PST and Beijing time zone.

● We have a hybrid schedule where people come to the office 1-2 times a week.


  • 年薪90W-100W package,具体看个人的资历、背景和英语程度


  • HR screening call
  • Tech lead interview: role fit/culture fit
  • Tech interview- Past Project Deep Dive
  • Tech interview- System Design
  • CTO interview


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