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About Us

The company's mission is to create an ecosystem, which contains multiple autonomous algorithms, intelligent energy services, etc. And that can improve financial, environmental and operational issues for networks, buildings and homes.

About the role

  • This role is doing Devops and security work as day to day but is also responsible for automation of all those tasks.

  • This role is to help the development team to take right decisions around the software and security while coding and aid in Devops & security architecture decisions.

  • Setup and maintain CI/CD pipelines, security tools, and automation code.

  • This role is also responsible for the security of the software and the infrastructure.

  • Part of development team to produce the CbCDK of which is an additional layer on top of CDK Codify all polices and processes possible in the _CEOS platform and within the Crossbreed company. Everything shall be codified and automated.

  • Release management and e.g. produce release manifests [5] that e.g. declares OWASP, CWE, Sans TOP and NIST compliance or which versions and what OSS components are included. Build release notes and all documentation for the release (both internal and external for all actors such as operations, developer, architects etc).

  • Work with operations to ensure smooth operations and security of the platform and its services. Handle the security part of the architecture and implement parts and make sure the framework developers are implementing the security parts correctly.

  • S/he will participate in the scrum team as a core member.


  • When it comes to AWS the foremost, but not limited, components needed are: SQS, SNS, Lambda, IoT Core, DynamoDB, Cloud Formation, API Gateway, CloudWatch Technologies, Athena,S3, AWS Organizations / Cross Account, AWS Control Tower, Glacier, AWS Config, IAM, Cloud Trail, Event Bridge, AWS Audit Manager, Security Hub, WAF, Shield, Route 53, Cognito User/Identity, AWS Federation, Parameter Store, Secrets Manager, KMS, Certificate Manager.

  • This also includes network technology such as VPC, Transit Gateway, Site to Site VPN, more in depth encryption technology.

  • AWS SysOps and Developer certification and to learn and continuously go down the certification path in the AWS certification programs.We prefer, AWS Security Specialty and the AWS DevOps Specialty path.

  • Our working language is English.


  • 月薪30K-50K,社保自行缴纳
  • 每周工作不超过40小时




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