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We're looking for another Haskell developer to help us build the world's best reinsurance trading platform.

# About Us

Riskbook is a funded startup based in London, but our team are distributed. We intend to keep it that way. We favour asynchronous communication, and try to hire "managers of one". We don't do daily stand-ups. We don't count your hours. We don't work weekends. We do code review, but it is not militant, and we do not tolerate sarcasm, aggression, rudeness, gatekeeping, or elitism. We support each other in working and learning, and we have a dedicated fortnightly "Research Day" where every programmer is free to not do chores for the product, and instead investigate/learn/play with whatever technology they choose. Want to learn more about type-level programming? Property-based testing? Expert systems? Go right ahead!

# About the Tech

We use Haskell with both the Yesod and Servant frameworks, and we use Elm for parts of the UI where we feel it makes sense. Otherwise, we try to keep most logic on the server in our fairly traditional monolithic application. Parts of our system are Event Sourced, and we're mostly using PostgreSQL for persistence, with a bit of Redis thrown in for good measure. Our infrastructure is managed with Nix on AWS. We do not have any legacy system written in PHP or Ruby or whatever, as many companies do. We do not have a micro-services architecture, and we have no intention to build one.

You can read more about the tech here (although our Haskell code has grown considerably since this was published): https://serokell.io/blog/haskell-in-industry-riskbook

# About You

You must have demonstrable experience building things in idiomatic Haskell, and you should have a solid understanding of how web applications typically work. A degree is not required. You will need to be able to write SQL queries. In most cases we write ours with Persistent/Esqueleto.

You should be able to communicate clearly in English, but you do not need to speak excellent English. As most of our communication is written and asynchronous, it is important to us that we find someone who can describe their approach to problem solving in written form — we can't have people working in complete isolation, and occasionally throwing completed tasks over the fence.

You have flexible working hours and you can work from anywhere, though this is a full-time position and the expectation is that of work based on a traditional 40 hour week.

Interested? Introduce yourself to me via email and let me know your current situation and expectations.

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