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Hi! My name is Steve and I run Site Builder Report where I review website builders like Squarespace, Shopify, Wix and Weebly.  I'm looking for someone to help me out with research and writing.

Site Builder Report provides readers with an informed opinion about which website builders they should use.

So you should be able to form opinions about software and be able to back up those opinions with clear explanations. You should be irritated by BS (because there's a lot of BS in the world of software reviewing!). You should be methodical in your research. Your writing should be clear and straightforward. You should like to get to the bottom of things. You should avoid hyperbolic, overly positive language.

This will be a part time job (10 hours / week). Here are some examples of tasks:

  • Research and compare the free plans of website builders
  • Research the best practices and tips for restaurant websites
  • Curate collections of beautiful websites for our inspiration section
  • Create images and videos for articles (screenshots, graphs etc.)
  • Check that articles are up to date

Research can come from anywhere— though simply Googling for articles or reading a website builders homepage is rarely enough. Instead you should dig a little deeper:

  • Try the website builder yourself (this is a must!)
  • Read support docs (they are often more accurate than the marketing homepage)
  • Talk to real-life users where you can
  • Contact support teams to verify questions you have
  • Read Reddit threads
  • ... Anything else!

Site Builder Report is funded by affiliate payouts— so we make money when readers buy software based on our reviews. We do not let the size of the payout effect our recommendation. We only recommend products we believe in. (Website builders often offer to substantially increase our affiliate payouts if we make them #1 but we always say the same thing: we only recommend products we believe in.)

Please do not send a resume or cover letter. Instead please email:

1. Links to relevant writing examples
2. A single paragraph that succinctly explains why you love a specific feature in a piece of software. It could be any software (Gmail, Google Docs, Powerpoint, Wix, Airtable). I'm looking for clarity and insight! Feel free to include any screenshots or media to supplement the paragraph.  
3. One website tip you’d suggest to small business owners. (1-2 sentences)

Being brief in your email is appreciated :)

Thank you!

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