英语英文讨论帖17-揭秘远程新套路:远程实习How do you think about it?

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Have you got this such kind of scam before?

How do you think about it?

Feel free to share this [套路/Scam] to the people around you.
Keep safe!

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10 个月前君君

I think these scams are targeted for graduates. For people like me, I will never pay money for “offers”. If you work remotely for companies, certainly they will pay you!

10 个月前SOUL

First of all, remote work offers needn't pay money to the company. In fact, most of the deceived just want easy to get an offer. They didn't efforts to choose and analyze.

10 个月前沈东生(Rick)

Newly graduates dreamed of a new life into the society, but society severely gave them the first lesson.
From then on, they knew that the society was not as good as they had expected, and the society's dark side began to show itself to them.
People who commit these crams should be damned and punished because the graduates are the most vulnerable group when they first enter society.

10 个月前欧耶山哥

For students just graduated from the university, with less social experience, they are easily deceived. Technology advances and fraud are also progressing.

10 个月前谷雨

Don't lost your mind when encountering good things. Before the so-called HR from big company cheat you into the trap, other person may have been deceived.
So we can check the whole thing on the Internet, then we will find it isn't so reliable. If we can cooperate with the police to arrest of criminal gangs. That would be so awesome.