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🎵💻 Summary

We're hiring a full-time Senior Product Designer to take over the future of our music notation editor (web, mobile, and native iOS app). Join us as we make music composition better for and more accessible to everyone!

🎼 About Flat

Flat, created by Tutteo Ltd., is an online music notation platform that empowers music enthusiasts to create, learn, and share music scores, tabs, and lead sheets. We believe that the old fashion sheet music industry has come to a point where it needs to be renewed. Through Flat and our other products, we define a new way to write, teach, and consume written music.


We are smoothly expanding our team (we're soon to be 11 people) and we are strongly investing in improving every aspect of the company - our products, our branding, our marketing, our processes, and so on.

We have launched to date 2 growing and profitable products, gathering an active and engaged community of more than 2.6M users:

  • Flat (http://flat.io) - our online music notation platform (web and native iOS app) - the one you'll be mostly responsible for.
  • Flat for Education - our music teaching platform aiming at making music education playful and engaging.

Two years ago, we started to experiment with the Flat iOS app. We started to monetize it a year ago and build a growth strategy on the AppStore. To date, it's 4087 ratings with an average of 4.55 / 5, used by more than 60k unique composers every month. You can check it out here: [AppStore](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/flat-music-score-tab-editor/id1177592149)

👉 You will be primarily responsible to step up the game of this mvp app so it meets the same level of usability as our web platform.

🎩 Role and Responsabilities

  • Gather insights from our users' feedback and from our Product and Dev teams to identify weaknesses and improvement opportunities throughout the product and draw a realistic roadmap.
  • Translate our business needs into UI parameters.
  • Tirelessly simplify and distill complex actions and flows into intuitive and elegant UIs.
  • Work closely with our iOS dev to ensure the smoothest transition between design and development.
  • Work closely with our other product designer to effectively bridge Flat and Flat for Education while contributing to our ever-growing Design System.
  • Help shape the frameworks that will dictate the future of our design team.
  • Own the overall product design and design processes; from initial discovery and user journey mapping through to the execution of the final UI and work closely with the engineering team to ensure the best quality implementation.

🛠 What you need to show

  • Full professional proficiency in English
  • Strong portfolio that reflects your experience and emphasizes your skills
  • Solid experience designing complex iOS apps and web applications
  • You are up to date with the latest iOS' updates and trends in design, UX patterns, and technical limitations/ opportunities
  • Solid experience carrying out designs from hypothesis, user journeys, prototypes, etc, through iterative testing and fast shipping
  • Experience creating and/or maintaining Design Systems
  • Experience working with cross‐functional teams
  • Working knowledge of industry-standard design software (we're using Sketch)
  • Excellent organization, prioritization, and time management skills
  • You take initiative and ownership - we don’t do micro-management
  • You communicate openly, honestly, respectfully, and are authentic in your interactions
  • Strong empathy and an urge to fulfill our users' needs and goals
  • You are passionate about music and believe that the sheet-music industry can use a change
  • Passion for music and strong sympathy for our mission to make music writing and learning more accessible to everyone
  • You have an "MVP" mindset - you believe "done" is better than "perfect" and continuous improvement is better than spending months perfecting a UI before shipping

🔥 Bonus

  • The ideal candidate has a basic knowledge of music notation - you will be dealing with highly technical music notation flows
  • Interaction design skills
  • Experience working in a small team
  • Experience working within a fully remote team

🏡 Why Flat.io

  • Compensation between 50k and 60k USD per year
  • We are a fully distributed company so you can work from anywhere in the world (as long as you have at least a few working hours overlap with French and Portuguese times)
  • No daily standup meetings - ain't nobody got time for that!
  • Flat structure + full ownership = zero micromanagement
  • Opportunity to actively shape the future of our industry-changing products and affect the experiences of our 5M+ users worldwide
  • Flexible working hours - We don’t care about when you do your work as long as the job gets done
  • Annual company retreats (post-COVID)
  • Unlimited paid time off

✋ How to apply

Send us an email with a brief description of your experience and why you think you might be a good fit for this role + links to your portfolio and any relevant design work.

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