露个脸Experienced nerd, but still noob here. Freelancer FTW!

Chris the ...

Hi all! New here and thought a self introduction would be neccesary. LOL

Coding started from LPC, an OO language used for MUD games programming decades ago. Went through the age of Flash, and pretty much experienced with AS/AS2. Worked for a company producing B/S games at the time, but finally decided to go pure B/S. Led the developing of several browser games during year 2006-2010, and the company was invested by VC, which could be considered successful, some what at least.

Mainly skilled in PHP / MySQL / JS / Vue, but also capable of socket coding, that would be game servers for instance.

I don't work in the IT industry anymore, but still, coding was my job, and still is my hobby today. I run a small group of coders, designers, writers and video producers, all freelancing. We've done quite a few projects, sizing from simple H5 single page survey, to app / weixin mini program that serves millions of users (state owned). I do have a company to sign contracts if it's required.

Don't know what to expect from here, yet. Let's say, I got bored staying at home due to COVID-9 situations, and wish to spend some time meeting interesting people, in a fun way, or even better, earn some cash. LOL!

Wish you all the best and stay safe!


Welcome to the eleduck community.

If you don't mind, you can start by sharing your working experiences during the Covid-Period while working as a freelancer agency owner.


Thanks Wilson.

I'm not a professional agency owner nor do I intend to be one. It's just some nerds and geeks who've known each other for quite some time, and love working together, enjoying building a project, bigger or smaller, from scratch. Yeah we split our shares of profit if the project is profitable (some times just pure practicing and for fun). But hey! that's the spirit isn't it? LOL!

I'll update more about our "small group" later, and share some information / opportunities if when time is right.



Hey Chris, welcome to come, it‘s Gray here.
I like the style of your introduction and I am also very interested the group you mentioned.
Could you pls tell us how it works? like where you got the projects, etc.

Hi Gray! I really appreciate your warm welcome.

Like I've mentioned in the last reply to Wilson, this group is formed by some friends knowing each other for quite a while. For now, the most active members are 2 programmers (including myself), 2 designers for UI/UX and frontend, 1 2D artist, 1 (or 2) writers for BP and text works, also a small group of filming, video producing team co-working with us.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an agency nor manger of some kind. This group is self-organized and bound with our common interests: passion for products, and profit! LOL!

We get requests from everywhere occasionally. Everyone in the group could be the source of information, and gather us together to form the temporary team, do the job during our free time. Of course we don't mind enlarging the group and share opportunities when it comes. We've encountered situations when we had to turn down offers due to lacking of HR. After all, we are all freelancers, and our main job comes first, always.

I'll keep you updated and share the info here when the time is right.