招聘【海外远程】Senior Front-End Developer

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Level is hiring a Senior Frontend Engineer to help us build innovative IT solutions in remote management and monitoring.

About the Job

You’ll be the owner of the frontend codebase which is built in React.js and TypeScript and uses Apollo Client with GraphQL. You’ll work closely with our product designer to create new UI features for our web app. You’ll work hard to write maintainable code with commit messages that explain the ‘why’ and work on build tooling and processes when it can help automate tasks and streamline the workflow. You’ll write integration tests for your features with Jest and React Testing Library to improve the confidence in the code you ship. You’ll collaborate with a small, focused team and help us scope out new features.


  • Ownership of the frontend codebase, expected to make technical and architectural decisions to make the product the best it can be
  • Lead initiatives for other frontend projects, like our marketing website
  • Write design docs for features to scope out work and detail technical choices to provide documentation for future developers
  • Collaborate with our product designer and provide feedback if designs can be tweaked to minimize the work required to implement them
  • Collaborate with backend developers on technical implementations for new features
  • Collaborate with agent developers to facilitate WebRTC communication between the browser and a remote device

About Us

We are a startup headquartered in beautiful downtown Asheville, NC. We are a small, close-knit team working to upend the RMM market with a new product. Our CEO and leadership team have done extensive product research and are focusing on traction channels to grow while the product is being built. Though we are a startup, our investors have given us a multi-year runway. In Q1 2020 we have already made substantial progress towards an MVP. We need someone to come in and help build out our web app who is an experienced self-starter and can make a great impact on our product development. We hope to launch within the next couple of months and want someone to come on this journey with us.We really like the Basecamp philosophy and try to make sure that it doesn’t have to be crazy at work. We won’t ask that you work weekends, or late into the night. We don’t mind if you need to leave for an appointment in the middle of the day. We understand that software development doesn’t happen for 8 hours straight and don’t worry about counting time in the chair. We trust that given a fair timeline with a scope that you help us determine you will be able to deliver features. We are concerned with the end goal, not micromanaging you on the way there.


  • TypeScript
  • React.js
  • GraphQL with Apollo Client
  • Emotion
  • Jest with React Testing Library
  • Gatsby.js for static sites

Salary and Perks

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Flexible time off
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Hardware, software, and services - whatever you need to do your job
  • Any books or courses that you want
  • Annual team meet up
  • Employee profit sharing

Salary: $80k to $100k /year

We are open to candidates from any country but you must be willing to share five work hours with EST.

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