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Game Closure is building the world's most advanced javascript game technologies, including an engine, server infrastructure, analytics and marketing, among other cool products. We are hiring senior engineers who can tackle architecture and APIs for our game technology on small teams of 3-4 folks. Game Closure has raised $50M, and has more than 300M users supported by a small team of engineers <25.

We are looking for folks to work on our engine and server technologies, the games themselves, or both. For flavor: We maintain our own redux-like lambda-style append-only database for more than 300M users; other examples of projects include when we used code mods to port our engine from a propriety module and class system to es6. There are numerous projects ongoing, such as first class typescript support to facilitate better tooling and API documentation, a react-powered webgl-based UI system, and our own in-house ads bidding system.

We have projects for hosted real-time multiplayer gaming, social gaming, cross-compilation to native platforms, and many other core infrastructure tools that we would welcome your support on defining and creating.

Here are a couple example reviews of games we’ve built:

Snake Squad for Snapchat: https://techraptor.net/gaming/opinions/every-available-snapc...

Everwing for FB messenger: https://www.dageeks.com/digital/everwing-dageeks-game-review/

Our technologies engine have already been in front of hundreds of millions of users, and we're adding millions of new users monthly. This is a high leverage position, and very senior. We prefer remote work from any timezone because we're looking to build the best small engineering team in the world, but we do make office space available in Tokyo, Mountain View, San Francisco, Seoul, and Sophia. For the right hire we will be flexible to obtain a visa to anywhere where we have offices if it helps align us all better.

We are also actively looking for folks across range of leadership roles in product, engineering, and operations.

Please email us - Subject: Game Closure Engineering: YOUR NAME HERE
Please include a personal note about your background and interests so we can prioritize your application!

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