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Senior React JS Developer

Job description
Agiletestware is a small company based in San Francisco. We make a variety of software tools that help organizations with engineering productivity.
Currently, we are looking for a Senior React JS Developer that will be based in China. You will be working with a small remote team based out of China, Russia, and USA.
This is a very small core team and we are looking for someone who loves to solve problems, is drama free, has creative ideas, and can work well with remote teams. You will be expected to be a self-starter, be excited about being an early employee, and be motivated for developing compelling solutions for an untapped market.

Job Requirements
3+ years of ReactJS, RxJS, Redux experience
3+ years experience using ReactJS Visualization libraries such as Rechart, Victory, Nivo, React-Vis, etc.
Strong Core Javascript skills, knowledge of core libraries, data structures, and common design patterns.
Expert understanding of Javascript testing frameworks and tools such as MochaJS, JEST, Cypress, Playwright. You will be customizing some of them.
Experience with advanced JS concepts including synchronous/asynchronous programming, closures and ES6.
Comfortable working with RESTful APIs, Web sockets.
Understanding of how to build and package React components as npm packages and creating a CICD process around this.
Write good code with proper unit tests, good comments, code coverage, static code analysis, etc.


Develop some apps/dashboards for Datadog, SumoLogic, and Splunk using their developer javascript framework.
Develop some tools and libraries for MochaJS, Cypress, Playwright tools and frameworks and package them as NPM modules.
Develop mock user interfaces for new projects.
Work extensively with backend developers.

Interview Process
Our interview process is very simple. We will give you a homework problem. You will be asked to develop a small application for Datadog or SumoLogic or Splunk based on their javascript development framework. Your application will visualize some fake dataset and create some useful workflows. All the requirements will be part of the homework problem.
The interview will test your ability to understand the problem, your ability to figure out a solution, the quality of your code, and the creativity of your solution.
After we review your work, we will have a small interview with you to discuss your solution, explain our company, and provide you an opportunity to ask questions.


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