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The United network is a collection of independent consulting firms and creative agencies where each member is a leader within their field whose competences complement one another. We provide a virtual full-consulting-service covering the process from strategy to creation to execution that is tailor-made to our clients’ needs.

The United Group has been headquartered in Denmark (Copenhagen) with global offices in Iceland (Reykjavik), Norway (Oslo), Japan (Tokyo), Ukraine (Kyiv), China (Beijing) as well as in the USA (San Francisco) planned in our roadmap (in 2022 / TBD).

We're looking for a passionate UI/UX designer to join our Tokyo studio. As a member of the Japan team, you will join multiple projects that we received from influential clients in Japan/China and to support all phases of the creative processes. You will also have a chance to work in an international team environment and to collaborate with our colleagues who have great experience and expertise in various fields/industries that would broaden your career perspective.


As we develop concepts from the ground up and present them to our clients, an adequate amount of research, insights, idea generation, refinement, as well as responsibility for providing sufficient guidance for a successful delivery will also be required in our service.

You will be involved in the entire part of the projects and supporting the following areas. We work as a team so depending on the nature of the project, volume, or areas of work can be adjusted to each member as well as to your career scope, so that we will be able to achieve the goal together and provide our clients with a quality and consistent service.

UX research

  • Ideation: Proposing concepts and use cases with insights
  • Participation in meetings with our clients (when it is required).
  • Facilitation of output-oriented workshops (if it is required)
  • Identification of the business model, stakeholders, product positioning (incl. MVP and user benefits, pros & cons, etc)
  • Building hypothesis and propose a prototype framework
  • Participation of user testing, refinement, and review activities (when it is required).
  • Providing hands-on guidance/direction to our clients, or partner companies, in order to successfully deliver/implement our design solutions.


Must Have

  • Holding a bachelor or master degree in Interaction Design, Experience Design, Psychology, or in related fields.
  • 3+ years of professional experience.
  • Flexibility, open-mindedness, as a team-player, and the desire to learn.
  • Experience of design thinking process with human-centric approach.
  • Experience of UI/UX research with consumer insights, creating persona and user journey map, producing ideas and use cases, building IA into app/system wireframes.
  • Ability to visualize main features/screens using Adobe CC, or other design tools.
  • Experience of workshop facilitation and making presentation/summary documents.
  • Ability to take an empathetic approach to understand the needs and problems of stakeholders and end-users.
  • Experience of working with engineers and providing guidance for design implementation.
  • Experience of developing commercially-marketed products/services that are used among consumers/professionals.
  • Familiarity with responsive design and multi-device solutions.
  • Excellent spoken and written communication level of English.
  • Chinese and Japanese will be a plus.

Nice to have

  • Experience of building clickable mock-ups/prototypes (Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, Unity, or others.)
  • A UI designer background with hands-on delivery experience.
  • Having industry insights/expertise either in IoT, Automotive, EC & Retails, Healthcare, FinTech.
  • Having insights into new technology such as image recognition, AI, VR/AR, blockchain, haptics, VUI, or any kind that might be utilized in our future projects.
  • Be comfortable in a team-based work environment both locally and internationally.


  • 工作时间:Less than 30 hrs/week
  • 项目时间:超过6个月


Upwork 链接:https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~0198453111dc33a96a

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