讨论why one-sized-fits-all family menu becomes impossible?


I am not here to share my private stuffs with respect to my family. to put it simply, this topic is what I always feel like having a word with sb,however, there was no such a chance in the past. then just make a conclusion here.

just imagine, it's time to dinner, u sit down at the table, with all ur immediate families around u. it does look cozy. several cuisines are put on the table in a good order, nonetheless u cant define it as a fine dinner, it's good enougn for a normal dinner. what's more, they are the masterpieces given by my MOM. there is no such food that can equal your mom's. Cantonese food determines my taste of food, like gene is deeply built-in. of course, they r not bad,

my siblings and my pop, they just have a small talk with each other, like usual. Nothing happens. my mama sts ask me whether it takes good, i said so, then what i think underneath? i really wanna run away, i am done with all those food, that's what i do----put down the cutlery, go straight to the kitchen, cook for myself. my mom believes i wanna go on a diet, never, diet is not my choice always, i dont feel obliged to lose weight, i care nothing about gaining weight.

I try to manifest happiness at my parents' home as long as I am there, since I am not at MY apartment, therefor poker face is the first choice for me. Technically, I am not here to mean I am not pleased at all, ONLY at the table.

I tell nobody i hate family food more often than i like it.

eating disorder is not a symdrome, but a mental health condition that u use the control of food to cope with ur feelings or other sitiation.

the mere way i cant handle with the trouble is not to enjoy food with anyone else that ofter. I am born to eat alone. i shouldn't explain so, i can't explain so.

i hate to ask, but am i weird?

now i am a vegetarian. here i hava a domaintion of meat/eggs/nuts, a lot of vegetables, starch, fugus, sth like that.

u r what u eat, while food have sth to do with social network. there will be a mixed emotion with me doubtless for the simple reason i describe.


vegetarian very good.i also want to be.

yesss. Then why don't u give it a shot.

don't use an abbreviation like sb in a Chinese forum, it's too misunderstanding for people here

thx for ur kind tips. but my belief is that those who minds i don't care, those who cares me they wont mind