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Has anyone ran into any incompetent leader (or leaders) (伪高管)? we can share our experiences here.
The incompetent leaders have no boundaries. LOL


Thanks for everyone's feedbacks. Actually, this brings up another topic. Should the IT executives be technical? In my case, this VP of engineering has no technical skills (zero programming skills) but he kept making technical decisions (he pretend to be very technical LOL). Most of them are wrong decisions.

19 天前zhhlmr

This reminds me of The Peter Principle, which states that when an employee is promoted to a higher level and so on, then ultimately, will reach a position they are no longer competent.

In answer to the question, IT executives should at least have basic pieces of knowledge of technical stuff, and make decent decisions. They don’t need to go into details but should have a comprehensive view.

I totally agree with you. but unfortunately, even in north America, the executive's team is usually appointed by higher executives like (CTO/CEO). They always prefer someone they can trust rather than their skills. Like the US election, most company executives only focused on the short gains rather than the long-term goals.

18 天前zhhlmr

Take the perspective of higher executives, an obedient staff seems more controlled and predictable.

These things also happened in China, making me think that humanity is the same on both sides. :)

Yup. You can't get away from it.

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I have one manager in one of my previous companies, he never provide any help when the employees work on project until the end of the projects. then he unloaded all tasks from the core team members, wrote all kinds of reports to his boss, and invited high levels to all kind of project meetings without notify anyone who real contributes on the project and took all credits. This is the most disgusting person I never seen in my career.

Trust me these kinds of managers are everywhere. I have run at least 2 of these throughout my career. Are you referring to the companies in China or overseas?

20 天前zhhlmr

From my experience, there’s this leader in my previous work, who doesn’t care about what you’re working with, just want to please his superior, no matter how ridiculous the requirements are. So therefore, the scope of work and the schedule are always like a mess.

20 天前159****2497

similiar experience

20 天前Joanna

Faced with this kind of "leader", is always like to stand on the moral high ground to guide others, with some seemingly great words to disguise their selfish position👏👏👏

it sounds very familiar:)

6 天前Sarah

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