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I am looking for a product designer with a strong consumer/retail/mobile/fun/quirky/unique skillset to help me develop concepts for a social banking-rewards app that I have documented, and need to bring to life with some striking visuals.

Think of milestones like the Nike running app gives you — fastest 5k, you ran three months in a row —but translated to spending and savings goals. And then combine this with the sharing and social elements of Instagram with both those you care about, as well as a supportive broader community.

Scope of work:

  • 3 to 4 Weeks
  • Five conceptual screens that help create a product narrative
  • Preliminary work on an aesthetic for a brand
  • Help creating and visually polishing a fun, beautiful pitch deck

Budget and start date: $7,500 - $10k, starting as early as June 2nd.

Design aesthetic: clean, simple, uncluttered, colourful, friendly, quirky, bright. The brightness and simplicity of The Square Cash App is one example of an inspirational style.

Contact: Thank you so much! If you're interested, please email Greg Smith with your product portfolio and include a little bit about yourself.

More details on concept: A combination of a digital bank and a social network that allows you and your friends to set small and big goals, save money, spend money, and receive high interest rates and small on-going rewards (like a Starbucks coffee or a yoga class) for little milestones and progress. Share your rewards with others on the platform to motivate those in your network, or keep the rewards for yourself.

Why now: More and more, we as humans do things together - we work towards fitness goals together, we motivate each other. But banks have remained siloed and private and keep consumers in the dark with products that are hard for us to compare. By banding together on a social network around our money, we can get much higher interest rates from banks as well as retail rewards from brands.

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