招聘【转需】【远程】招一个高级 Java (6-8 个月合约)全职,薪资美金

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Senior JAVA Developer Job description Agiletestware is a small company based in San Francisco. We make a variety of software tools that help organizations with engineering productivity.
Currently, we are looking for** a Senior Java Developer** that will be based in China. You will be working under a lead developer based out of St. Petersburg, Russia and the founder of the company who is based in San Francisco, USA. This is a very small core team and we are looking for someone who loves to solve problems, is drama free, has creative ideas, and can work well with remote teams.
You will be expected to be a self-starter, be excited about being an early employee, and be motivated for developing compelling solutions for an untapped market.

Job Requirements
Strong Java skills and OOD/OOP experience, knowledge of core libraries, data structures, and common design patterns.

Experience with extensive unit testing your code using Junit/TestNG, Mocking, code coverage, findbugs, etc.

Experience with JAVA collections, concurrency, and other core JAVA concepts. Experience developing REST API using frameworks like Jersey, DropWizard, Spark, RESTX, etc.

Experience with GIT using Github, Bitbucket, or something similar Experience using JAVA with databases (mysql, memsql, mongo, etc)

Experience with development using Docker Experience with CI using Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, etc. University degree in Computer Science / Engineering. Strong communication skills and passion for working independently as well as in small team.

Must be a self starter and figure out thing on your own. (big plus) If you have a github profile with java projects, we would love to see your work (big plus) If you are proficient in javascript and have experience with frameworks such as Angular2, React, etc.

Responsibilities Extensive pair programming with lead JAVA developer to develop new features, fix bugs, and R&D into new products. Build plugins/extensions for Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity CI software R&D into appropriate database systems (memsql, mysql, mongodb, etc) for storing and retrieving time-series data + relational data Develop REST API for storing and retrieving data. Performance and scalability testing of the APIs and the underlying system. Interact with customers via email, gotomeeting, etc to help with product issues. Work with front end developer and continue to develop REST API


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