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As the first DevOps engineer at Daily.co, you'll take charge of improving our system observability, performance, and autoscaling. We hire remote! 🌐

At Daily.co, we build video APIs that let a developer add video chat to any site or app — in minutes, on a global infrastructure, with features for every use case and team. Live video has leapt into mainstream use, and this is just its first phase of growth. Daily.co APIs are designed for this and other key shifts, where video now is part of any app, developers rapidly build with services, and APIs provide value to cross-group product teams.

We deliver millions of low-latency streaming video minutes a month to our customers. We are growing fast. Three kinds of servers power our infrastructure:

  • web servers deliver html and javascript bundles
  • signaling servers manage video call setup and state
  • media servers route low-latency media streams

We pride ourselves on uptime and systems reliability. To continue scaling while maintaining our very high standard of service, we definitely need to improve our monitoring, observability, and general tooling! We are recruiting for an experienced devops engineer who is excited to join an early-stage startup and establish a terrific devops infrastructure and culture.

What you’ll do

You'll be responsible for managing our infrastructure as we rapidly grow. You will:

  • Become versed in our current infrastructure choices, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Quickly understand, prioritize and improve our current systems for monitoring and observability.
  • Document improvements to our deployment process, prioritize them, and implement.
  • Assess historical performance and document insights and recommendations.
  • Working closely with our cofounder and engineering lead, establish performance benchmarks and report on them.
  • Establish on-call procedures and scheduling.
  • Implement sensible new tooling to help you and us work better.
  • Share reliability and security expertise with the team.

Who you are

  • You have 5+ years experience as a DevOps engineer, or related experience

You love:

  • Taking ownership of systems.
  • Working on an early-stage team.
  • Scaling global servers and infrastructure.
  • Figuring out new stuff.
  • AWS, or at least corralling the beast.
  • And you're excited about what our infrastructure enables for developers. We feel lucky to build developer tools, and help other teams make things.

More about the role and work

  • Salary: $120,000-$190,000, depending on experience. (We evaluate experience relative to other members of our team.) Compensation is independent of location, and we offer competitive benefits and equity.
  • You'll be the first devops team hire.
  • You'll work with colleagues across the team, and closely with our cofounders.
  • As a remote team, we use asynchronous tools and daily reports to stay in the loop. We also have relied on practices like a daily standup call, weekly written updates, and 1:1s with managers. (Here's an older blog post from our CEO on communications heartbeats he's used over time.)

More about us

  • We care deeply about what we build, we seek kindness and diversity, and work/life balance is important to us.
  • We believe diversity is part of excellence, and seek teammates from all backgrounds.
  • We have an office in San Francisco, but we're a fully distributed company, so remote applicants are definitely encouraged!
  • Applying for jobs and interviewing is tough — thanks for considering us.

If you are interested in this role but are not sure you are a fit, please reach out to us anyway. Job descriptions are always just starting points, and we would like to meet you and be helpful in any way we can.

Apply now

If you're interested in joining us as a Devops Engineer, please send us an email .

  • Tell us a little bit about why you're interested in what we're doing and any relevant experience you have.
  • Attached your resume or LinkedIn.
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