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We're adding a Front-end Developer to our team. We are a small, very experienced product group. We're looking for someone who has impressive technical ease and facility, an ultra-practical product mindset, and an evidenced appreciation for design.

Does this sound like you? In the first 6 months at Practice, you will:

  • Assess, create a plan, and evolve the architecture of our web platform (next.js, vercel, firebase)
  • Execute like a boss. We pride ourselves on shipping real user value weekly.
  • Report on all the web metrics around the most important client and coach workflows
  • Report on emerging web platforms and standards and draft a platform strategy document
  • Architect and build our front end testing world
  • Conduct usability tests with dozens of our customers
  • Deliver the first-class messaging platform we've developed on iOS to the web

Other important details:

  • We work remotely. You can be located anywhere.
  • You will have a lot of leash. Great collaborators can largely set their own hours and get things done their own way. We want you to own this platform. We trust that you will do your job.
  • As an early employee with a team of repeat founders, you will have a front-row seat to watch how it can be done. Our team is outstanding. We are all going to level ourselves up multiple times.
  • Design is important to us. You'll be working closely with a designer. We hope you have an opinion.
  • We have a very international team, and would like to make it more diverse.
  • We are intensely product-focused, and you should be too. We're not here to build software for the sake of software. We're here to build a tool and a system that will improve the lives of millions of people.

Please email your application to us.

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Looks good!