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Who is Apostrophe and what do we do?

We’re a consumer telemedicine platform laser focused on revolutionizing dermatology. We’ve reimagined the dermatology clinic to be completely digital, on demand, and delivered to your door. We offer customized medication and ongoing care at a fraction of the cost of a traditional doctor.

We believe that a paradigm shiſt in the consumerization of medicine is upon us. We believe that dermatology is the speciality most ripe for this shiſt (visual diagnosis + discretionary income). We believe that this space is perfectly situated to make a company of the 21st century - combining the inclusivity of skincare with the authenticity of science-backed care.

What are we looking for?

We’re taking on some pretty big (UX) design projects in the immediate term. We don’t have an experienced UX/UI designer on the team - so we’d like some help. We have a beautiful visual identity that we’re proud of and are significantly iterating our patient experience. The projects will have multiple dedicated engineers, and a PM. We genuinely believe this is a pretty unique opportunity to combine you with the internal resources of an ambitious team to improve an already successful product.

Maybe that person’s you?

You don’t have to be very senior for us to believe in you. You should have fully owned/managed some pretty significant design projects. These projects shouldn’t be subtle iterations, but comprehensive shiſts or improvements where many stakeholders are considered and your stellar communication was a key factor in pushing the project past the finish line. You love digging into data to help make decisions, using customer research to validate assumptions, and have general project management skills (even if that’s just excellent self management). We’re also open to a full-time role, but this would most likely be a contract-to-hire transition.

We like coming up with creative solutions to work with super talented people. So if you’re jazzed about this project and feel like you’re the perfect designer to make our patient experience wow-worthy, then drop us a line and we can scheme on how to make that work.

Also, it’s worth noting that we prioritize underrepresented groups for our partnerships (creatives, contractors, agencies, etc.) We do this for two reasons. One, we strongly believe that we can make a bigger impact in the world by having a diversity of voices in the room. And two, underrepresentation is a consequence of a prejudiced system and promoting underrepresented talent is the only lasting way to make systemic change.

What will you be creating?

  • A comprehensive user interface and experience design based on feedback from key stakeholders including patients, doctors, patients, doctors, pharmacists, and care team.
  • An experience that provides patients with necessary education on their medication therapy and diagnosis from a dermatologist.
  • A platform that allows for elimination of error prone practices by both doctors and pharmacists (automation).
  • A design that simplifies the complexities of our patient experience, creates a brand journey with a “wow” factor, and that also drives/optimizes conversions for our digital funnel.

Email Ben, CEO if this really excites you.

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