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We're looking for a talented Graphical / visual designer for designing websites and ads experience for around 8-20hrs per week starting ASAP, for a long-term collaboration. You have a strong sense of modern design and love minimalism.

As a Visual Designer, you’ll provide the designs for all touchpoints with customers - website, landing pages, content marketing, advertising and social media, etc. If you are an experienced visual designer, obsessed with crafting beautiful digital designs in collaboration with marketing, you are the right candidate. You are experienced with using stock illustrations in your work, to produce rapid results. You will work for our own brand, for our own SaaS app and that of our B2B SaaS customers. We’re looking for someone with a strong portfolio and a great sense of collaboration.

How you will make an impact

  • Ability to set up a visual identity for a brand from scratch and apply it across all your work.
  • Experience spanning design disciplines like illustration, landing page design, ad design, PDF design, slide design.
  • Develop visual designs that effectively communicate product function and brand identity, web layouts, social ads, presentations, e-books, etc.
  • Collaborate with the marketeers to test out new visuals to increase conversion
  • Successfully communicate and present conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale, both verbally and visually with different stakeholders.
  • You are experienced with using stock illustrations in your work, to produce rapid results


  • 4+ years of Visual Design experience
  • You love modern and minimalist, clean designs.
  • You are OK with starting with stock illustrations to save time
  • Strong proficiency with design tools like Adobe Creative Suite and/or Figma
  • A portfolio that demonstrates visual work and thought process across most media
  • Creative and strategic thinking capability
  • Proficiency in using design tools efficiently
  • Strong communication and time management skills

Question? Or apply right away?

If you have any questions about this position, don't hesitate to contact via email.

To apply please send your CV, no motivation letter is required. We will send you some short screening questions to answer, which we will use to select a shortlist of candidates that we will interview. A skill test might is part of the process.

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Hello: I am interested in your needs, how can I contact you?

Hi there, please click "申请该职位" . You can get the contact email address and reach the employer directly. Thank you!

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can you leave an e-mail?