Web3Looking for a Golang backend developer for web3 project


Looking for a backend developer with flexible schedule for our IP NFT derivative platform.


1. Architect and build the account system associating with blockchain wallet, supporting the overall usability enhancement of the platform.

2. Build cloud-based NFT storage infrastructure including but not limited to Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch etc.

3. Integrate with data persistence services such as IPFS or Arweave.

4. Create API and constantly planning ways to improve the performance.

5. Collaborate cross-functionally to ensure the quality of deliverables.

Must have

1.Proficiency with at least one programming language, preferably Golang.

2. Experience with cloud service provider such as AWS or GCP

3. DevOps skills such as Docker etc.

Nice to have

1. A passion for web3 and NFTs

2. Strong customer empathy, think critically of how feature impact the end users and business

3. Experience working in a startup environment

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