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Business Development Manger (China)


We are looking for a Business Development Manager from China to join the Alconost team. At Alconost we provide translations into foreign languages, localization of apps and games, videos, and contextual advertising.

Our clients are companies that create and sell software, websites, and games. Alconost's mission is to help such companies reach foreign markets.

We want to conquer new markets too. And now our target market is China. We would like to tell about our services in the Chinese market and therefore we are looking for a BD Manager from China who will help us.


  • Explore potential customers in China and maintain good relationship with potential customers.
  • Establish effective communication with partners to promote cooperation.
  • Follow up the whole process of the project, from communication, quotation, project development, payment follow-up, project feedback summary, etc.
  • Synchronize progress with overseas colleagues, and continuously optimize internal and external communication and cooperation


  • Proficient English skills: Business level.
  • More than 2 years of sales experience, with new market customer development experience.
  • Those with experience in the game industry or translation industry, or those with rich network resources in the game industry are preferred.


  • Competitive compensation depending on experience and skills. Your salary will grow according to your success and responsibility. We are sure that happy and wealthy people work better :)
  • Full-time remote work and flexible working hours. Alconost is for work-life balance. There is a lot of responsible work, the workload is different, but the schedule is flexible. You will be able to fully control your work-life balance.
  • Great team. Alconost is a company of open people who help clients solve problems every day. We understand the challenges of our work and think about what we should do. We want our solutions to be useful. If you think the same way, this vacancy is for you.
  • 薪资:Fixed-price $3,000


Upwork 链接:https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~01580377861dcfbe33

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