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Full Stack Developer

Company & Business Summary

Rentalist is a fast-growing property information technology start-up. Rentalist Ltd operates online through the Rentalist mobile website to serve landlords and tenants national wide. Rentalist provides to a landlord THREE paid letting only packages, THREE fully management packages and additional landlord services.

Rentalist Ltd was awarded the grant of Scale-up 4 Growth (UWE) in Bristol. Combining the Scale-up 4 Growth grant and a private investment, Rentalist have received over £100,000. Rentalist Ltd has offered to become a member at Setsquared Bristol.

Full stack engineer Job Description:

We are looking for a talented full stack engineer who will be involved in developing our current main website www.rentalist.co.uk, Rentalist back office and property management site. Also you will participate in developing the next version website for a better online property letting and the property management in a high standard to enhance the UX/UI.

1. Since a suitable candidate will work remotely in a flexible fashion, we are particularly looking for these traits:

· Reliable;

· Take responsibility;

· Take actions;

· Proactive;

· Growth-mindset.

2. Responsibilities & duties:

· To join a small team of developers, with an actual decision autonomy;

· To be responsible for your work;

· To find brilliant solutions for complex problems;

· To write quality software: readable, well designed and well tested code;

· To work together with people from other key areas, participating on analysis, discussion and implementation phases.

3. Skills and Qualifications:

· Ideally 3 year experience;

· love for coding: you are proud of your work;

· excellent knowledge of modern technologies and web patterns (REST API, Single Page Applications, ...)

· Basic understanding of front-end technologies and platforms, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3;

· good knowledge of our current stack: HTML5, CSS3 (Sass/Less is a plus), Javascript (React);

· experience building cross-browser and cross-device responsive interfaces.

· Proficient knowledge of PHP Laravel

· Proficient knowledge of a back-end programming language PHP

· Experience with all levels of operations of Mysql

4. Technologies:

· JavaScript;


· React framework, redux, redux-saga;

· Git;

· Unix/Liunx operate.


· Laravel

· Mysql

Benefits and compensation

· Flexible working location, to avoid commuting to a fixed office, you can work at your preferable location;

· Flexible working hours, you can work on a flexible plan during a week;

· Relocation, and settlement in UK, a successful candidate may be relocated to work in U.K.;

· Competitive salary;

· Share offering, a successful candidate may be offered to own ordinary shares of Rentalist ltd.

Recruiting process

· Please send your CV & a cover letter to Adam.weng@rentalist.co.uk;

· Invite to have an interview with CTO;

· Invite to have an interview with a HR specialist;

· Invite to have an interview with CEO;

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