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英语A typical day of a Project manager - Index Post [1/15]

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Thanks @大灰BIGray for building this wonderful remote-oriented community.

I am glad to be apart of this wonderful tribe. As my contribution to this community, I will share series of miniseries at eleduck. Which means eleduck will be the first place I publish these miniseries.

These miniseries are distilled from my past experiences and I believe they can help remote workers like us to work better and smarter.

To keep things tidy, this post is the index post for this miniseries. It will be updated as I release each plate or chapter as it become available.


It would be wonderful if more people could join the conversation and help us to learn from one another and be better at work. Thank you in advance.

In this miniseries, I will follow the below mind map to give you some ideas about what a typical project manager’s daily routine looks like.

I call it the plate spinning model (PSM), just like:

Comparing above and below, do they look similar?

As you can see above, there are 12 plates on this map. Each plate represents an area that a PM needs to make sure it is spinning during the lifecycle of a project.

Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Plate # 1: Risk Management
  • Plate # 2: Change Management
  • Plate # 3: Roles & Responsibilities (R&R) Management
  • Plate # 4: Project Tracking
  • Plate # 5: Risk Escalations
  • Plate # 6: Stakeholders
  • Plate # 7: Process Management
  • Plate # 8: Leading
  • Plate # 9: Budgeting
  • Plate #10: Measuring success
  • Plate #11: Reporting
  • Plate #12: Extended lifecycle
  • Chapter #13: Staying on Top of it ALL
  • Chapter #14: Wrap up

A note on Copyrights and legal stuff:
The copyright model for these miniseries are CC BY-SA 4.0, as long as you respect the CC BY-SA 4.0 spirit, all things are fine.