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招聘招聘远程Software Testing engineer 软件测试工程师

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Software Testing engineer 软件测试工程师

Ø Job Description:

We are looking for a committed testing engineer to join a cross-functional IT development team who is responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment. Our ideal candidate will have solid experience in testing and evaluating our current systems.

Ø Responsibilities

· To test R&D products, including front-end interface, and some back-end applications, etc. ,负责对研发产品进行测试,包括前端界面、以及部分后端应用等,

· To work closely with UX/UI designer, IT developers and product manager to carry out agile Scrum development sprint, 与UX / UI设计师,IT开发工程师和产品经理密切合作,以执行敏捷的Scrum冲刺式软件开发,

· To formulate test plans and programs, establishing and optimizing the test process, and ensuring the quality of on-line products, 负责制定测试计划和方案,建立并优化测试过程,确保上线产品质量,

· To perform test case writing and testing, submit test reports, and assist development in locating problems, 执行测试用例编写和测试工作,提交测试报告,协助开发定位问题,

· To create the application of quality assurance infrastructure to improve QA efficiency,负责质量保证基础设施的应用,以提高 QA 工作效率,

· To learn and research new technologies and introduce them to improve the efficiency and quality of testing and meet the needs of quality assurance Skill requirements,学习和研究新技术并引入以提高测试的效率和质量,满足质量保证的需求。

Ø Skills and Qualifications:

· A Bachelor's degree in related field, 相关领域的学士学位,

· Fluent in English writing and reading, 英语书写与阅读沟通流畅,

· Familiar with JS automated testing experience is preferred,熟悉 JS 自动化测试经验优先考虑,

· Three year’s experience in software testing,三年的软件测试经验,

· Completely participated in the testing process of web and mobile application products,完全参与郭Web和移动应用程序产品的测试过程,

· Familiar with commonly used test case design methods and software testing methods,熟悉常用的测试用例设计方法,软件测试方法

· Familiar with automated testing and automated testing tools,熟悉自动化测试以及自动化测试工具,

· Strong sense of responsibility and strong communication skills,责任心强,具备较强沟通能力。

Ø Benefits and compensation

· 工资月薪 8000RMB to 15000RMB,

· 奖金每年的12月底发一次,一次是1-2个月工资,

· 灵活工作时间和工作地点,

· 要求工作时间要和英国时间交叠2个小时,晚上下班是北京时间的晚上8点,

Ø Company & Business Summary

iletpro is a fast-growing property information technology start-up based in Bristol. Currently our main income revenue is based on letting & managing residential properties. iLetpro Ltd operates online through the iLetpro mobile website to serve landlords and tenants national wide.

AI conversational platform

We are developing AI conversational platform for letting & management agents by using AI technologies, BIG DATA technologies, a white-label AI property framework API and our automated back office system to automatically provide customer services.

Grant & investment

iletpro Ltd was the recipient of the grant £40,000 of Scale-up 4 Growth (UWE) in Bristol. Combining the Scale-up 4 Growth grant and a private investment, iletpro have received over £100,000 fund.

iletpro Ltd will be the recipient of the grant £40,000 of Digital Innovation Fund (UWE) in Bristol. Combining Digital Innovation Fund grant and a private investment, iletpro have received over £110,000 fund.

We are in process of raising up £500,000 investment from a Seed investment around. iLetpro Ltd is a resident member at Setsquared Bristol, which is the Global No. University growth incubator.

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