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About Us

We are an early-stage stealth mode cross border social e-commerce start-up operated across the US and China. Together with founders, lead engineers, angle investors and brand builders who are unicorn veterans from Tiktok, Pinterest, Lime and more. If you are serious about tech x retail/commerce, you are in for a chance to ride and learn from the best of the best.

With the deep understanding of both China Internet models and the US market, we are committed to re-shape the digital marketplace x retail experience with inspiration beyond Alibaba, Tiktok, Red, and Pinduoduo.

We are a team of tech VC veterans and serial entrepreneurs previously founded, led or serviced at TikTok, Pinterest, Google, Poshmark, P&G, amazon, with a blend of (very) fun people graduated from Peking University Stanford, Berkeley, Norwest, Parson’s, Oxford.

We have a strong and hands-on board of investors and advisory, including the founder of Lime Bikes, the former head of engineer of Pinterest, co-founder of Twitch, founder of Zoom.

What You’ll Do

  1. Knit across teams by collaborating with Product managers and designers and other functions to build a holistic product experience and technology framework that’s right for all retailers/influencers.

  2. Prototype new experiences, and implement user-facing and platform features with the latest iOS technologies to help the company to find the product market fit.

  3. Contribute to and lead each step of the product development process, from ideation to implementation to release; from rapid prototyping, user testing, to architecting and building solutions Analyze and visualize data to drive product insights and to inform our decisions.

  4. Design platforms for server-driven UI and personalization that build phenomenal experiences in the iOS app.

  5. Contribute best-in-class programming skills to develop highly innovative consumer-facing mobile products.

What We're Looking For

  1. Various levels of software engineering experience.

  2. 2+ years of industry experience in developing iOS applications.

  3. Deep understanding of UI development in iOS.

  4. Strong communication skills and great product sense.

  5. Full-stack experience is a big plus.

  6. Understanding of Machine learning and A/B testing is a plus.

Basic Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience.

  2. Strong experience w/ either Obj-C and/or Swift.

  3. 2+ years of professional experience building in either mobile platform/sdk/dev tools, or mobile consumer facing features.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. At least ten (10) years of software engineering experience.

  2. Strong focus on high-quality mobile UI experiences and feature developments.

  3. Previously worked on mobile apps that scale from zero to millions of users.

  4. Proven expertise in mobile foundations and SDK/framework developments.

  5. Previously worked in a startup environment.



- Reading and writing fluency in English are must-haves.

- Listening and speaking fluency in English are a big plus.




Step 1: 我们要求你完成一个coding challenge;

Step 2: 之后, 你会和我们的技术负责人做一轮技术面试;

Step 3: 和founder做一轮文化面试,并了解公司愿景文化价值观。

Interview process

After we review your resume:

Step 1: complete a coding challenge to provide us more signals about your technical work.

Step 2: code interview.  you’ll have one technical interview with our tech lead

Step 3  behavior interview.  Learn the company and culture interview with one of our founders.


- 远程在家办公;

- 需要与美国西部时间经常开会,主要在中国白天早上到下午3点,偶尔中国晚上10点左右开会;

- 没有硬性996要求, 合理加班需求作为创始团队共创公司未来。

Working environment and hours

- Remote work

- Frequent meeting in PST timezone (West Coast of the US)

- Not require 996, reasonable overtiming.


- 融资千万美金的天使轮公司股权+有竞争力的现金(20k-50k);

- 期权:对标硅谷创业公司对关键的1号和2号创始团队工程师的期权比例,按美国硅谷标准,保障利益;

- 整体: 等值于每月2-8万人民币或以上。


- Stock Options + Cash

- Competitive total package: depending on experience

- Based in China: ¥20,000 ~ ¥80,000 per month.


  • 此岗位已委托电鸭社区【远程人才库】进行候选人推荐。

  • 点击下方“申请该职位”,连同简历一起提交至人才库即可,一次提交,长期推荐。

  • 推荐成功者,会收到官方的邮件通知,并会微信联系沟通面试等。

  • 没收到通知的开发者也不用灰心,今后有适合你的工作机会,人才库还是会推荐并与您联系的。

7 个月前Jercy Lew

Great opportunity!!! unfortunately I don't have any experience of iOS, what a pity ~~~

7 个月前大灰BIGray

That's ok, bro.
You can continue to pay attention to next opportunities that are more suitable for you.